I have received a mail from Emi asking me to make their post wedding photo shoot in Paris, nice enquiry and specially because Emi is wedding photographer in Maine (USA) i was so excited ,  but as usual for me it was a bit stressing.
Matt and Emi was so relaxed enjoying the sun and this happy moment and so in their bubble that i felt very comfortable immediatly allowing me to surf on their love to capture these little snapshots..

Thank you Emi and Matt for that.


Emily & Matt 1
Emily & Matt 2
Emily & Matt 3
Emily & Matt 4
Emily & Matt 5

Emily & Matt 6
Emily & Matt 7

Emily & Matt 8Emily & Matt 9Emily & Matt 10Emily & Matt 11Emily & Matt 12Emily & Matt 13

Emily & Matt 14

Emily & Matt 15

Emily & Matt 16
The artist whith her loved Rolleiflex
Emily & Matt 17

Emily & Matt 18

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Isabelle Rocha
4 Août 2011
So nice !
Très belle séance !

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