To define the starting point:
You have improved the weight of the images,
you have implemented a cache (at the application level using one plug in)

here is the target:
To clean the unnecessary CSS, JS to decrease number of requests
To install a cache at the server level

Asset Clean Up plug in

First install it directly from your plug in board or have a look at the website

I advise first you take time to read carefully what it does:

Set the TEST MODE, allowing you can do the set up and test it, without to impact the public version:

IMPORTANT: do not forget you did yet a set up about Minification and Combination in your cache then do not re do it..

No optimization for CSS and JS

These common are not really important to remove, but do not remove the Gutenberg CSS , it can creates bug with some functions and the same for the common sources, these are just details, no need to spend too much time on it.

I don’t speak here about CDN configuration, If your clients are local, you don’t need it.

These 2 set up are important because really comfortable.
The second allows to make the set up in real time in view mode

Choose to display the Home page, go at the bottom and you should see this part. Now the exercise is to check inside and to UNLOAD if you think it NO NECESSARY

here comes a very important notion: the CSS and JS associated to a plug in are loaded even if you don’t use the functionality on the page, and yes, it’s really boring…

i take the home page as an example typically you can remove:

Google review bundle if you have
The forms (Flo Form, Contact form, Ninja)
if you have a doubt, it’s easy to recognize which plug in or function, you should see the name in the source. Then you can choose to UNLOAD only on this page or site-wide (be careful you take a risk)

If i were you, in a first step, i will do only on the page i want to improve really (home page, landing page or cornerstone page)

Do not forget you are in TEST MODE and you are alone to see the improvement

if you want to put the improvement, set to OFF and don’t forget to clear the cache (Rocket or another)

Audit with Google Chrome Dev tools

  • Open a private page to avoid the pollution of Chrome plug in (specially if you use Asset clean up)…
  • Open the url you want to audit
  • Press CTR+Click right
  • Select the last line

From here you see several windows and menus

Select Audit and adjust the high of the window to see the different choices.

As you know, GOOGLE uses the mobile index then we select device: Mobile

  • unselect progressive Web App
  • select No Throttling
  • Run !
website optimization with Lightouse tool

There is not a big difference between 70 and 90 in term of impact on SEO and ranking, don’t be scared..excepted the color: green is a good mindset.

What we can se here is 69 for accessibility, you can click on it and to see the advises, i know in my case some term are missing on several images. Just keep it in mind and come back to it when you have time…

This task is an iterative process, don’t focus only on your home page.
Using SEO tool, focus on your best ranked pages, make a general survey on these pages, put the bad score in a list and come back to this list later.