To photograph a wedding in Bruges is an opportunity to do what i like: to capture wedding emotion and to travel out my day to day area. Moreover the ceremony has taken place in Kempinski Duke Palace, they have a nice chappel, little and very stylish allowing to increase the feeling. By the way, it was the big Day for Banafsheh and Art, living between Canada and Belgium, the bride has a Persian background and has choosen to have a non religious ceremony following the “Sofreh Agd ritual”.  A lot of family and  friends coming from different countries brought their happiness,  a bunch of smile, tons of song, some tears. B&A have a common point: smiling, laughing and finally to make you happy to be there. Then, i was very happy to capture this wedding through the different step: getting ready for the boy and his short gang and getting ready for the girl (with several generation of ladies making this phase very emotional).. A first sight just for having a tears training and we jumped in a carriage to make some glamour shoots in Bruges. The groom asked me to make some pics at the belfry, i said “yes, sure”…….oopsss…. but did you have a look on it? not yet ? i let you the surprise, just to know i have a trolley with bunch of lens with me for the session, to make it short, it was a difficult experience but some nice moments to shoot. Then The ceremony in this famous chapel, please note i choose to show you more black & white than colours to give you my real time feeling.

The people started dancing and singing from the coktail letting me thinking about what will be the evening…a great night with emotional speeches, knife dance for the cake…. the brides and groom were really amazing, they have an incredible and communicative energy… the proof with my images.

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jacques Mateos, wedding photographer in Bruges


Du pur reportage!!! Jacques, vraiment de très belles images où le mot reportage prend tout son sens…

Très beau reportage, félicitations!

Gorgeous ! Such a beautiful picture !